Aviloisirs is specialized in elevating, producing and distributing ornamental chickens. We offer a wide range of breeds with more than twenty different varieties which are perfect for decorating the gardens and parks.   Our hens and cocks are sold at around 5 or 6 months and were all born in our livestock. They are vaccinated against the main diseases (Marek, Gumboro, Newcastle, Infectious Bronchitis). Every year, we select our reproductors from the best chickens of our livestock. Our first concern is to provide our customers with healthy animals and conform to the standard of their breed.   We work with many wholesalers, resellers and pet shops in France and abroad. We have the required facilities to provide large quantities of our breeds of ornamental and fancy chickens.   To get our wholesale prices and our shipping conditions depending on the quantity, please contact us by email or by phone at 0033 6 84 16 61 46





72 rue des Marins

59123 Bray-Dunes


tél : +33 6 84 16 61 46

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